Founded by Mikhail Torich, award-winning music video director, MFA



Founded by Mikhail Torich, award-winning NYC-based independent music video director, photographer and producer, TORICH Production studio creates professional video and film content servicing nightlife, EDM musicians, bands and everyone actively involved in contemporary pop culture. We specialize in videography, creation of branded content, sizzle reels, films, web videos and music videos for clients around the world. With over 15 years of high-quality music video production experience we have all sources to deliver the best value productions.


We work with celebrities and businesses big and small. Our clients include "RuPaul's Drag Race" TV show winners Manila Luzon, Jinx Monsoon, iconic house singer Crystal Waters, Cazwell, legendary "Wigstock" founder Lady Bunny, German celebrity Sin with Sebastian and many more. We regularly produce highly-popular Youtube series, TV and Internet reality show pilots. Our team successfully works in the field covering fundraiser and red carpet events for several prominent NYC charities. Documentary and news films by Mikhail Torich has been featured in national NBC Nightly News, the highest rated broadcast news program in the United States, NBC Today show, ranked #17 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and Russian national channels "1", "NTV" and German "Deutsche Welle".


We have a developed team of managers, editors, stylists, make-up artists and other professionals to deliver outstanding quality of production.


We take charge of full production packages which include castings, styling, make- up, cinematography, props, studio space, directing and edit. You name it - we do it. Our style is bright, colorful, tasteful, sometimes naive. We successfully generated visual identity for hundreds of artists, dozens of establishments and other clients.


Studio's founder Mikhail Torich is a winner of multiple film and music video festivals. Film "Nothing", produced by Torich has been world-premiered at 2013 Cannes Film Festival, France, underground independent musical film "Testo" has received the "Best Experimental Film - 2012" award at the 3rd annual "International World Music and Independent Film Festival" in Washington, DC and "Honorary Mention Award" at 3rd annual 2013 Los Angeles New Wave Film Festival.



We tastefully and artfully cover special events and weddings, including photo and multi-camera video coverage in NYC and nationwide.



We have successfully created and produced promo campaign videos including pre-production, screenplays, castings, filming and final edits. Our commercial videos were aired on NYC Taxi--TV, multiple NYC dynamic screen outdoor advertising billboards and many more.



Since 2010 TORICH PRODUCTIONS successfully filmed and produced documentary films aired on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, FOX News and multiple national TV shows, including German Deutsche Welle and Russian Channel One. Some of the notable credits include films about US-prominent "Peter, Paul and Mary" band, fallen Iraq soldier John Borbonus, Noble Prize in literature winner poet Joseph Brodsky and many more.



TORICH PRODUCTIONS successfully services multiple businesses, charities and funds in NYC and worldwide. We are handling corporate coverage in the field for Brodsky Project (NYC non-profit), annual Friedman Fellows diabetes research symposium, HOWL! Arts (division of the Actors Fund of America), Little Star magazine and more.



Since 2012 we have created 3 seasons of highly popular trans youtube show "T-Time with the Gurls", 4 seasons of NYC "Finish Line Drag" - youtube RuPaul's Drag Race show commentary and numerous pilots and pitches for network television along with DMV "Smash Entertainment", and many more. We are equipped with professional lighting and audio equipment and are highly skilled in multi-cam projects.



Our award-winning mainstream music video works includes Billboard-topping music video "Oh Mama Hey" for legendary Crystal Waters, MTV-featured "Ouja Board" for RuPaul's Drag Race show winner Sharon Needles, "Departed" for Sully Erna (Godsmack), "That's All" for european pop-star Sin with Sebastian, multiple videos for Manila Luzon, Shangela, Jinx Monsoon, Cazwell, Lady Bunny and many more.


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